What makes


ProcessWerx designs and builds extraction and processing systems for renewable oils and fats and industrial hemp extracts. We provide full system designs as well as optimizing and expanding existing operations.

We have created tens of millions of dollars of new revenue for our clients by taking an outside view of current operations and finding hidden savings with input cost reductions or low-cost ways to increase capacity by debottlenecking current equipment.

We Listen

We do not sell a particular brand of equipment. We find the best solution based on your needs.

We Are Pragmatic

Our team designs and operates process equipment. Our experience in the field allows us to be scrappy and agile with our solutions.


We develop a whole solution, not individual components. We bridge the gaps between equipment to create a complete, efficient production system.

We Are Experienced

Each member of our team has over 20 years of experience building, staffing, and operating complex processing facilities.



Technical Feasibility

Show a bankable case for your business model


New or existing, pilot to large commercial scale


Specify equipment, utility systems, buildings, and operation teams

Process Optimization

Cut Costs / Increase Revenue while minimizing investment

Equipment Sourcing

Find, repair, and recommission equipment, saving time and and money

Facility Upgrades

Automation systems, capacity expansion, waste stream remediation

Why Custom Built?

Applying a one size fits all approach to complicated processing equipment inevitably yields a system that costs too much to run or build.

We develop lean solutions that are custom designed with your budget, schedule and business needs in mind.




We start with real world process flow and equipment designs then optimize them to meet your specific needs.

Translate the goals of the customer into a comprehensive business plan

Apply proven process flow and equipment designs to throughput and financial goals

Develop and execute the construction plan based on customer timeline.

Assist customer to maximize efficiency