At our in-house laboratory, we specialize in comprehensive analysis and processing of Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG) samples. Our team can analyze refined vegetable oils, used cooking oil (UCO), and varied industry samples of FOG and brown grease. We utilize standard industry methods including ASTM and AOCS methods to quantify and characterization of FOG.

What are the important properties to test in FOG and Brown Grease samples?
These waste materials can have higher levels of contaminants than most other greases such as:
•    Higher Free Fatty Acid level (FFA), FFA (Free Fatty Acids) is a measurement of the acidity of the FOG material
•    Higher Moisture, Insoluble Impurities, and Unsaponifiables (MIU). The MIU value provides information about non-fat components of the FOG or brown grease
•    Higher sulfur and metals content, Certain proteins can release sulfur, detergents and degreasers, or food processing or some foods like onions and garlic.
•    Possible pesticide, surfactant, chemical contamination
•    Higher content of polymers, peroxides, and other degradation compounds    
Otherwise, brown grease has similar fuel properties to most other greases and heavy fuel oils
Please contact to submit a sample for analysis to the ProcessWerx Lab.