GWX Series

Grease Recovery and Refining
The GWX is a revolutionary way of recovering marketable brown grease from grease trap waste. The automated system combines extraction, rendering and decanting functions into a single unit, significantly reducing cost, footprint, and labor while separating valuable grease from a wide variety of receiving equipment.   

How it Works
The GWX unit is installed adjacent to the customer provided raw waste holding tank.  The flexible GWX FOG extractor is installed through the top of the holding tank.   The operator initiates the run cycle and the GWX control system takes over.  The extractor is run, selectively extracting the FOG that floats in the raw waste tank.  The FOG then drops by gravity into the processing tank where it is carefully heated by the on-board thermal rendering system.  The recovered FOG separates into brown grease, settled solids and water.  The water is transferred back to the raw waste holding tank automatically by the GWX control system, maximizing throughput and minimizing heat input.  Once the rendering process is complete, the operator transfers the finished brown grease through a final filter and the process is re-started.



GWX-500 – up to 10,000 gal/day grease trap waste
GWX-1000 – up to 20,000 gal/day grease trap waste
Designed to work with any type of raw waste tank (Underground vault, EQ basins, frac tanks, poly tanks, etc..)
Stainless steel product contact surfaces for long service life
Fully automated filling and processing
Industry leading thermal efficiency by only processing FOG fraction
Fully skid mounted with single point power and fuel connections
Operates on Propane or natural gas (fuel oil optional)
Single phase 240V OR three phase 230/460V electrical options


Works with any type of raw waste tank
Small footprint (5’Wx10′ L)
No wasted energy heating water
No manual transfers
No complicated skimmer mechanisms
No complicated boiler fuel system
Maximum grease recovery
Custom units for higher capacity available